About Us

At Astral Hospitality, we provide you with a ONE-STOP shop for all your hospitality business needs! Look to us for all your hotel/motel needs for furniture, ALL cased goods, and a variety of lighting options.


We also manufacture the LIGHTS and ALL CASE GOODS with the most longevity and affordability for your hotel/motel. What cased goods do we mean by “ALL”? Simply the best of…

  • Cabinets (wood/ wood with glass frames)

  • Tables (wood and glass) 

  • Couches/Sofas 

  • Paintings 

  • Lamps 

  • Bed Frames 

  • Chairs 

  • Chandeliers 

  • Flooring 

  • Doors 

  • Dressing tables 

  • Sinks 

  • Toilets 

  • Bath tubs 

  • Head showers 

  • Mirrors 


We work diligently with our clients to customize their order and to ensure only the best quality product is delivered. In the vast constellation of hospitality businesses, you may find many options out there, but none as STELLAR as ASTRAL HOSPITALITY.


Reach out to us and let us show you why! Be sure to check out our Facebook page

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